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Scan and check, check and scan

Other ways and means for viruses to enter your personal computer is through floppy disks, web sites, email, CD-ROM along with downloaded files.

As much as possible you must check your computer and see if they contain viruses or not.

For example, before using a particular floppy disk, it must first be checked for any viruses.

Also, when you download a specific file from the net, these must be a virus check. Your own anti-virus software program will usually allow you to specify and check these places for any known viruses. They might also carry out this scan in an automatic manner.

Patch it now, patch it good

The moment your computer’s system breaks down, do you have an idea on how you should restore its functions?

Many vendors tend to have patches whose purpose is to fix any types of bugs. More usually, vendors tend to offer patches which are free in their own web sites. When they purchase programs, it will be a great idea if you ask the vendor how they can supply patches.

Software vendor programs also tend to have a service that will allows you to a recall. Notices for patches could be received via e-mail through subscription by mailing list. Through this service, one can easily learn computer problems even if you have yet to discover them and before any intruders could have the opportunity to exploit your computer’s system.

Be careful when you read any attachments via e-mail
Always be very careful when you open any received e-mails that carry attachments. At times, the potentially threatening messages could come from unsolicited e-mails.

In order to be able to determine if an email is safe or not, it would be best to carry out the following test and ask yourself these questions: did someone you know send the email? Did you receive this e-mail before? Is the subject of the email described in a very clear manner?

A suspicious e-mail might usually read as BradPitt.jpg.vbs. Worms could travel this way and reading / opening them could cause quite a lot of damage to your computer system.

Altogether, caution and care is necessary in order to be able to protect your computer from unnecessary attacks by malicious viruses and worms.

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