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Step Twelve - Putting Together a SAFE Home Network

Networking computers at home is easy as 1-2-3

Making the computer in your home secure is a task that will require your most full and serious attention.

It might take a lot of your time and there will be steps that will need to be carried out. Below are some of the tips and advice you could do in order to be able to secure your very own personal computer.

Anti-virus programs are a Must!

Imagine it in this way, would you allow someone to knock at your door and enter your own living space in order to make you buy something or use your own telephone?

If they were very neat and presentable enough you might probably let them into your own home, but just like anyone else, you definitely would be watching each of their moves.

Try to observe just what it is you have done. You have probably already profiled that person and based on the profile you have made, have also decided what you will do.

This is due to the fact that you are very much cautious and concerned on just who can enter your own space.

This is how anti-virus programs work

These programs tend to scan all the contents of every file, looking for patterns that might be specific and one that might match a particular profile. This is basically described as virus signature – or something that might be notoriously harmful to your computer.

Every file containing a signature match, the program will provide options on just how it is that it should respond. One such response is by removing the offensive or destructive patterns to your file.

Basically, a virus works in this way. They are similar to salesmen who knock in your own living space and they would get you to buy or listen to their sales pitch. Nevertheless, they could try to steal your money or valuables.

One method to know if a particular scammer is raiding your neighborhood is probably by reading about them in the news or seeing them in a TV news report. These reports could give you an idea of what these scammers appear to be or what are the things to be careful of and watch out for.

Anti-virus software programs work similarly in the same manner. When the vendors gain knowledge of a new potentially threatening virus, they have a set of updated signature viruses that could include the new threat of a virus.

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