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What Should be Known About Phishing - 3

Below are some of the damages that can arise from phishing:

1. Loss of any email access that might also lead to some financial losses.
2. Identity theft that might make the victim prone to online criminal activities.
3. Public record access.

Once sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and a mother’s maiden name are stolen, it will be quite easy for the phisher to manipulate the account belonging to the victim.

For each of these problems, there is a solution as well as some anti-phishing techniques which have been produced in order to avert this online criminal activity from ever happening. Users will be taught not to have faith in every email which might be sent to their inbox. When you get a message requesting for any of your personal information, try to contact your bank or the company that might have supposedly sent you the email and try to make sure that you verify it along with them.

Further, there is the Anti-Phishing Working Group that might serve as the law enforcement association and deals with incidences which might come from phishing. Anti-phishing software can easily be downloaded from them by websites and uploaded as the content of their homepage. Eventually, the toolbar might show the real domain name and will serve also as the guard dog against any of the suspected phishers.

Instaling Firefox and spam filters will also help to protect the users from any phishing incidences. These programs will reduce the emails which are received from their clients.

On a final note, it is always recommended to read the messages you receive in your email very carefully. As soon as you find any of them sounding a bit suspicious, you should try to report it to the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

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