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Step Three – Protecting your Password

Preventing Hackers From Retrieving Your Password

PC security and safety is always an issue these days due to the advent of computer technology and the Internet. More computer intruders are audaciously coming forward and are looking for means to attack helpless computer users with valuable information which is stored on their PCs. Intruders are getting their hands on the latest security methods put forward by various developers and are looking for means to get through them.

Anti-virus software developers are doing their utmost in order to ensure that every computer user’s safety and security from potential attacks is observed by always updating their virus definitions and cleaning capabilities, as well as strengthening your firewalls. Sometimes nevertheless, it isn’t sufficient as intruders can be one or more steps ahead of you. They might use various means of attacking computers so it might be sometimes difficult to tell what they might be doing next.

One of the methods is to hack in order to retrieve your password. Think of the many things they can do once they get all your passwords – accessing any of your online accounts, your email to send and retrieve messages from your address, entering your secure networks – the possibilities can very well be limitless. So as to prevent these things from occurring, you must absolutely get some password protection.

The first thing you should do is to secure your files and folders through the use of any password protection software, especially your highly important files and folders that could be an intruder’s potential target. If these files are left without protection, it would be much easier for these intruders to get a hold of them and do exactly what they want. All that set aside, other computer users (your kids for example) can accidentally move them or even delete them, which can very well be prevented by password protection.

Hackers and intruders could have an easier time figuring passwords out if they remain unchanged for a long stretch of time. It would be much better for you if you change your passwords in a regular manner, especially for your more important data, for the means of added security. By doing this, the intruders would have to start over once again as you have a new password, thus making the possibility of frustrating them even greater.

It would also be a lot harder for hackers to find out your password if you use a number of many different characters, especially if it is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols which can be found on your keyboard. Obviously, it will be a lot harder for you to remember a combination of these three also, so you will have to ensure you memorize the combination, even more so if you change passwords in a more regular manner.

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