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How to Remain Informed - 2

The Worm

Found just this year, a worm with the ability to e-mail itself in massive amounts targets users of Yahoo Mail by arriving in inboxes with a subject mentioning: New site, along with it an attached forwarded message.

The worm was written using JavaScript and will allow for embedded scripts written in html to automatically run in the user's browsers.

Basically what this worm does is to fool unknowing e-mail recipients into believing that they have received an online card and to click on a particular web link in order to access it.

Nevertheless, once clicked, a Trojan is immediately downloaded to the user’s computer, disguised as am html file thus innocently appearing as a web site page.

Receiving any e-mail that might be similar to this should not fool you. As much as you can, don't in any way follow these links in an e-mail message especially if you aren't sure that it would lead you to a greeting card web site.

Also, as much as you can, try to check the site’s real destination before you ever click it. It would also be of help if you place your mouse arrow over the link and then immediately see the file extension.

Altogether, remaining informed is one way for you to harness power through knowledge of current trends and updates on potential security along with any online threats.

This will also allow for ample time for anyone to prepare their system and therefore prevent unnecessary crashes and problems brought about by malicious and threatening viruses, worms or scams.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, very little of this has to do with luck. The meeting of opportunity and preparation however, does much to make safe computing a reality that is absolutely possible and livable, now.