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Reasons Why You Should Have a Firewall - 3

Choosing a Wireless Router

If you would like a wireless network of computers, you might definitely want it to be protected by a wireless router.

Some benefits of using a wireless router include:

- No wiring will be required, so it will avoid clutter. It can connect personal computers, printers, and scanners, without the use of any physical wiring.

- It is most ideal if you want to protect a set of laptops, notebook computers, and desktop computers.

Some of the disadvantages that go along with using a wireless router include:

- The radio signal that wireless devices use (including wireless routers) can be intercepted by other individuals with the proper equipment.

- Wireless routers are not always equipped with a built-in firewall, so you might have to purchase a firewall in a separate manner.

- You might have to purchase some extra equipment in order to set up a wireless router.

Operating systems like Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista are already equipped with a built-in firewall, but older versions of Windows as well as other operating systems might require that you set up a firewall which is separate.

Setting up a firewall is highly recommended to any computer owner, especially to those who have very important data stored in their computers. Quite often, the question lies not on whether you need a firewall or not, but rather on which kind of firewall you should set up.

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