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Reasons Why You Should Have a Firewall - 2

Choosing a Software Firewall

If you have been planning to set up a firewall for a single computer, it is always ideal to use a software firewall. It also functions well with most Windows operating systems. They can be readily available from software development companies at a certain fee.

Some of the benefits of a software firewall:

- No additional hardware is needed for it to function.
- There is no additional wiring that will need to be installed for the software to work.

Nevertheless, there are also some disadvantages that go along with deciding on using a software firewall:

- A software firewall might cost you money and might be a bit costly.
- You will need to install and configure the software to get it to function in a more proper manner.
- If you have multiple computers, you’ll need to install the software on each one of them in order to get them protected.

Choosing a Hardware Router

If you have been planning to protect a small network of computers, in your home for example or at a small office, a hardware router is probably the most ideal for you.

The main benefit of making use of a hardware router is that they are more convenient to use for multiple computers as they usually have at least four network ports to which you can connect a large number of computers.

Nevertheless, its major disadvantage is that due to all the wiring that you will have to setup for it to function, it could potentially clutter your workspace.

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