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Is a File Encryption Program Required? - 2

What exactly is a File Encryption Program?

A file encryption program uses basic complex algorithms in order to create codes for file contents so that people other than their intended recipients can’t read them easily. File encryption programs write messages, files, and other content into codes that can only be deciphered by people who might have a decoder. It is somewhat similar to the way in which students write secret messages in class; they use various ways in order to manipulate messages in such a way that other people would not be able to understand them.

The main difference between the codes that people make and file encryption programs write is the complexity of the encryption which is being made. Whilst the codes people normally make could take just a few analytical hours or minutes for people to decipher, ones made by computers are so complex that they can’t be able to be unraveled by practically anyone even for a lifetime. In actual fact, even other computers who would not be able to decipher the codes without the proper decoder.

The function of file encryption goes beyond the field of information technology – computer files and electronic messages, it is also used by many other industries such as in the entertainment business for example. For instance, DVD movies are encrypted so that consumers can’t easily convert digital video into VHS format. Encryption is also used in to scramble videos of pay-per-view channels and only those who would pay would be given the codes in order to unscramble the reception.

Perhaps the most important application for file encryption programs is for protection of privacy for people and organizations. The most commonly known example is that this would be the message encryption being done for confidential electronic messages and projects being sent through the Internet. Another instance would be the decryption used during telephone conversations and satellite transmissions which help to protect the security of the parties which are concerned.

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