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Step Two – Everything on Viruses

Computer Viruses and How to Beware of Them

In this modern Age of information, computers are true necessities of life. Whether we use them for simple functions such as typing our homework and business reports, all the way up to more significant acts such as online business meetings and transactions, one cannot deny that computers are an essential part in our daily lives. Making use of a computer, more particularly the Internet, is one task that even a ten year old can carry out at this particular period in time.

Due to the growing increase of popularity and reliance on computers, as well as the demand for it, security risks have also increased, which is a reality that cannot be passed upon. With the tons of information being spread across the World Wide Web, hackers and computer intruders (criminals) understand the value in focusing their attention to computers and the Internet. The information they would retrieve here is (more often than not) more useful than when doing it in the old-fashioned way.

Just as such, these intruders have worked out methods to get information out of computer users, with or without these people consent or knowledge that they have been hacked. As is the case in real life, there are some computer programs which are disguised as innocent, but actually act as spies, providing information to the intruders. These very malicious programs, which are security threats, are called computer viruses.

Computer viruses shouldn’t by any means be taken lightly. They work in several different manners; one of them might be to provide data to the one who planted the virus. Other viruses can simply be irritating - slowing down your computer, building unwanted files, and so on. – Though some can be quite disruptive, such as completely deleting your hard drive, compromising your operating system, etc.

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