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Being Careful Of All eMail Attachments - 3

Then what should be done with dangerous viruses lurking in emails?

The most that can be done is to be cautions about your online activities, particularly when you open some file attachments to the email you receive. Be always very careful when you open email attachments, particularly for computers which might be using Microsoft Windows, because such computers are what most viruses’ tend to target.

Before you open an email attachment, make sure that it comes from a trusted source. Nevertheless, don’t be too complacent about opening attachments from friends and colleagues because as mentioned earlier, viruses might mimic your contact’s information in order to make it appear as though these attachments come from them.

Try not to open file attachments that you didn’t expect to receive. If you get an email which is unexpected with an attachment from one of your contacts, ask them first if they did send something and what is inside that file. Always avoid opening attachments with file extensions such as .cmd .scr. .pif .bat and .exe, as such files are easy for viruses to attach to.

You can never be too careful in such an open media as the Internet. As the old people might say to you, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.