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Why do people create viruses?

Some hackers conceive viruses just for the sake of it or just for fun. Such hackers just want to prove to the world how good (or rather nasty) they are at understanding computers. However, some hackers tend to have more motives other than making pranks. There are some hackers which are out there to get something from you that they can use for other criminal activities.

Many viruses which are distributed through email tend to typically get access to the infected computer’s list of contacts or address book in order to look for email addresses to which it can distribute itself. There are some viruses that can even falsify your name and make it appear that you are the one sending it to your contacts. By doing this, the virus can replicate and spread itself all over the world and do some significant damage.

There are also some viruses that get vital information from your computer that its creators might want to use for their own selves. Critical data such as your credit card number, social security, and addresses, amongst many others might be maliciously obtained and used for crimes such as fraud or identity theft. Though most of the viruses wouldn’t automatically retrieve this from your computer, they could lead you to give the information yourself, without you knowing that you are actually falling victim to those sly malevolent minds.

Don’t security systems and antivirus programs protect people?

Of course, you might get a certain level of protection from firewalls and antivirus programs, you might even get a very good level of security. Nevertheless, multitudes of viruses are created every day, and there is not telling if what you receive is the latest one. Your computer might be equipped to protect you from millions of viruses which might’ve have infected people in the previous days, but when you catch a new virus, the chances that your program might be able to fight it could then be pretty small.

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