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Downloading & Installing Safely - 2

Below are some tips that you can apply when you buy your programs:

1. You must try to find out as much as possible about the program before you download or install it into your computer. The free program offers might be quite inviting but you must be updated on the possible changes that it can contribute into your system once you have installed it.

2. There must be a policy for refund/return. Try to understand these important terms just in the event that the program you bought doesn’t meet all your expectations and standards.

3. Always purchase from a local store with a very credible reputation. Inform yourself in the best place where you could get the program that you might need.

Moving on to another situation, what about those programs that can be easily downloaded from the web? How would you know whether these programs are worth installing into your system? At times, these programs are virus-carriers due to their easy access.

This being the case, these steps can help you to determine whether it is worth downloading and installing or not:

1. Try to ask yourself this: what can the program do? The web page (when you download it online) or the CD-Rom (when you are installing it on your computer) must clearly mention the exact description of the program for the benefit of the customer. Try to learn as much as you can but you must also try to consider the author’s credibility.

2. Ask yourself whether you might be okay with the changes that will occur in your system when you do install the program.

3. If the author is mentioned on the web page or on the CD Rom, the better it will be for you. In that case, you will be able to contact him via email or telephone and ask first-hand about the program.

4. Testimonials from any previous customers can also be good information that you can rely on when you research the program. Quite naturally, they might have experienced what you eventually would.

Some customers tend to go with their instincts. Regardless of that, they are careful enough to back-up the important files and folders from their systems just in the event that the program will create a problem and their computers might go awry.
There are some programs that might help you to prevent the virus from penetrating into your system in the first place. It is always best that you do have this in your computer. But you must also however note that there are some situations wherein the computer won’t be able to recognize a virus instantly.

For instance, you clicked open a forwarded message in your inbox that might’ve contained a virus. Now your computer might’ve had a hard time detecting this virus. You might have an anti-virus program installed into your system but these situations still do occur.

Finally, you must always try to rely on yourself. Get information on the program that you might want to install or download. Check on the credibility of the information which is stated on the web page or the CD Rom. Also, try to contact the author if you can to verify the statements. And make sure to always back-up!

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