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Step Ten – Downloading & Installing Safely

Safety First When Downloading and Installing Programs

Humans aren’t the only people who can get viruses. Even computers can get these annoying problems. Would you like your PC or MAC to crash just because you were careless enough to let a small virus eat up its way around all your files?

Most computer viruses tend to come from the countless programs that the World Wide Web offers. Each one of these programs is appealing and tempting for today’s modern-day consumer. Nevertheless, a smart consumer will know that before they buy (some will require credit card payments) or downloading a program, a thorough research must have been conducted beforehand.

Some think that searching for the appropriate programs for your system is very much like searching for the proper appliances for your home. This isn’t exactly the case. The former is far more complicated than the latter.

With appliances, there will be an assurance of what the product does. Also, there is a warranty. If the appliance you bought is not functioning as much as you would want it to, you can always get it replaced or get a refund.

With programs however, you will have no idea what the CD can do to your system the minute that you put it in. There will always be some side effects. So, the question is, how do you gauge the possible risks that might be involved?

The reason why you might be resorting to a program is due to the fact that your computer has needs, which you might want to satisfy. Nevertheless, some programs might cause changes to your system the minute that they are installed. You will have to figure these out all by yourself.

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