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How Safe is Your Home Computer? - 2

After obtaining all the free security updates of your operating system, you will need to obtain an anti-virus program, or more preferably one that has the greatest number of virus definitions (you might need to purchase this). Viruses, apart from causing chaos to your computer, can also be employed to retrieve information from you and spread out and start attacking other computers. By obtaining a high-quality anti-virus program, viruses would not be that much of a problem.

Since intruders have knowledge of the capabilities of anti-virus programs, they sometimes choose to use what is known as spyware, which are little bits of data that can either be annoying or potentially dangerous. Aside from being able to slow down your computer processes, it can also be used in order to retrieve data from you. In order to fight this, there are many anti-spyware programs which are available, both freeware and via purchase.

Spyware will be discussed with more depth further on in this free guide.

The final measure of security is a firewall. Usually, anti-virus programs offer firewalls; so obtaining one shouldn’t be the source of too many problems. A firewall tends to act like a security guard – it doesn’t allow outright entry to anything that attempts to access your computer (even if it is a program), without asking for your confirmation first.

If you don’t have these as your PC security and safety measures, you might be highly prone to an attack from some intruders, if they haven’t already done so. These measures will ensure you that your computer and the data inside of it are safe and well secured.

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