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Step Fourteen – Computer Attacks

Immunize your computer from potential attacks

It is always better to prevent harm than having to find a cure.

Whether you believe it or not, it is now absolutely impossible to survive without a computer. Nearly anything and everything can be done on-line these days.

From buying to selling to paying your bills, one really doesn't need to go out because alsmost all transactions can actually be made via computer thanks to the Internet. Although, quite obviously, fresh air is not available online.

Nevertheless, the computer’s flexibility has also made it possible for your computer not to be vulnerable to attacks from one of the most potentially harmful entities that exists: the computer virus.

The very moment that you detect that the computer you own might be infected with a virus, below are some useful tasks that you could carry out in order to protect your computer further and to also avoid other personal computers from being affected as well.

Always use disks from trustworthy sources

You don't allow your shoes to tread on any mud puddle or on any dirty floors, also, you are careful that your shirts don't get affected by stains or dirt. Likewise, it is always best to treat your computer in a similar manner.

As much as you can, try to always be very careful with what kinds of disks as well as files might enter your computer. The files might've been downloaded from the Internet or the disks might've been borrowed from friends, so it is always best to ensure where they might come from or to scan them in order to avoid any potentially harmful viruses.

It is also not a good idea to download any files from Internet sites which might be unsafe or insecure. Further, do not immediately open attachments that might've been received via e-mail.

Always take a good look at the subject box of the email as well as where the email came from. Be very careful even if the email was from one of your contacts.

Luckily, you can now find facilities within email services that will immediately scan attachments before you can open them. Vague email subjects and senders with gibberish email addresses must always arouse your suspicion.

Included in this group are those emails that aggressively claim that you should absolutely “Open this message Now!” Or that you should “Download the following files!”

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