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Maintaining Your Children’s Online Safety - 2

Anti-spyware programs meanwhile tend to protect your personal computers from any malicious forms of spyware. What spyware does is monitor all the activities that you carry out online. It will also collect your personal info while you innocently do all your surfing on the web.

Through anti-spyware, it will scan your computer in a periodic manner in order to check if it has any spyware software and programs which are available. After this, it will offer you the opportunity to immediately remove any harmful software.

Password protect your PC

Using strong passwords or making use of authentication technology which is strong will assist you in protecting all your personal info.

As much as possible, try to keep all your passwords in a secure and safe space. Don’t ever share your passwords over the Internet, phone or e-mail.
Remember that your ISP should not ask you for your password.

Hackers are usually able to retrieve your password, unless of course you might make it difficult for them to guess it through the following efforts: use passwords that might contain eight characters including with it symbols and numerals; avoiding common words; and avoiding using personal info; changing regularly your passwords (or at least every three months).

A good method of creating a password is to come up with a phrase which is memorable and using first letters of every word as the password of your choice. Try to convert these letters into particular numbers that will look like letters.

Don’t forget to back up any important files
The fact of the matter is that there isn’t such a system that is one hundred percent secure. If there are any files which are important and are currently stored in your own computer, you should always copy them in removable discs.

Store your back-up discs in a secure place.

You could also try to consider software encryption. It is also best if the start-up disks in the original software you bought are readily available just in case your computer system crashes.

Altogether, helping your children stay safe from online security threats is an effort which will be well worth your while.

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