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Backing Up Files Which are Important - 2

Ways to Back Up Your Files

There are several ways to back up the files on your computer. You can use Internet programs and services that will allow you to back up your files on a separate server that can be accessed via the Internet. You can also make use of the conventional writable CD-ROM disc, where you can copy, paste, and burn the files on your computer through a no-brainer process. Zip disks are also very effective for backing up files, as well as external hard drives.

How to Choose the Data That You Should Back Up

When you back up files, you shouldn’t have to copy the entire contents of your computer. Computer programs that you have a CD-ROM installer for might often not require a back up. Here are a few of the files that you should definitely have back ups for:

- Bank records and other files which might have financial information
- Digital images and pictures
- Software and music files that you downloaded from the Internet
- The contacts of your email address book
- Any other personal projects (essays, research and term papers for students; presentations, documents, and reports for the working folk)
- Important emails

Some Final Reminders on Backing Up Files

Try to always label your storage materials. If you are making use of CDs, for example, make sure to label and file them in a proper manner. Back up files are of no usage if you cannot find what you are looking for among them – and they’re quite sure to pile up.

Try not to make use of floppy disks as a permanent storage for your backup files. The data inside them can easily get damaged and won’t last for long enough so as to be useful as a back up.

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