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What is Spyware?
So, what exactly is "Spyware"? Spyware is usually a piece of software installed on your computer without your knowledge. Its purpose is to gather information about you (e.g. browsing activities, your keystrokes, personal confidential information, etc.) for later retrieval by hackers and advertising companies that control the spyware. It has other names such as adware, scumware, malware, crapware, trojan-horse, keyloggers, etc ... basically, they're different types of Spyware. For simplicity sake, we'll just call them "spyware".

Spyware Comes in 2 Categories:

Commercial Spyware, also known as "Adware", which monitors your online activities. The data gathered on your computer is relayed back to the spyware company and is then used to infect and inundate your computer with pop-up advertisements. You'll soon know when you have this type of spyware on your computer because you will get bombarded with pop-ups!

Surveillance Spyware. This is the really dangerous and insidious type. Examples includes Key Loggers, Screen Capture Devices, Parasites and Trojan-Horses. After penetrating your PC, this type of spyware works silently in the background. It is designed to capture and log all your keystrokes, e.g. your credit card data, your Login Usernames and Passwords, and your email addresses. Surveillance spyware may also capture other personal information such as your name, birthdate, sex, online buying habits, and so on...

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